29th August 2010

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29th August 2010

Post by chenky on 6th October 2010, 4:33 pm

Here is the 29th August 栽在溪水旁. Enjoy!

Psalms 105 :15
"Do not touch my anointed ones; do my prophets no harm."

Before we analyse this scripture, we must acquire 2 important ways of thinking.
That is “Anointed ones” in the Bible, has appeared numerous times.

In another perspective, if you check the Bible for the Chinese term of “Anointed Ones”,
You would only be able to find a few appearances.
However, if we look at it in terms of different Biblical characters, there is a huge amount.
This is because “Christ” this word represents the new testaments’ “Anointed Ones”.
It is just that in the Old testament, the term “Anointed Ones” was used. In the New Testament, “Christ” is used to represent them.

If we truly wish to analyse the term “Anointed Ones”, we will realise that through nouns, verbs or even adjectives that are used to describe characters have appeared many many times. In conjunction, the true “Anointed Ones” in the Bible has appeared up to tens of thousands of times.

The most prominent appearance is in Psalms 105:15.
15 Saying, “Do not touch My anointed ones, And do My prophets no harm.”
The main concern here is Israelites.
Israelites are also associated with “immovable rock”. Because of this promise, God has rise up against Kings.

So the first mentality that we need to acquire is :
In the Bible, Jesus is Christ; Is an Anointed One.
His twelve disciples are also Anointed ones.
The 72 disciples which were appointed by Jesus to evangelise are also Anointed Ones.
Paul, who believed in Jesus only after he has risen, is also an Anointed One.

Moreover, in the old testament, we have shared before 3 groups of Anointed Ones.
The first was the Kings that God has anointed.
2 Samuel 1:13-14; David clearly states that Saul is God’s Anointed One
2 Samuel 2:1; also states that David is God’s Anointed One.
As you can see, whoever God has anointed as King, are Anointed Ones. Their numbers are a dozen.

The second group of people are the priests.
Psalms 133 is the scripture that is evident of this. Aaron was anointed as the High priest.
In the midst, God also view brothers living in harmony as a way of representing Anointed Ones. In the old testaments, every priest that is being appointed will have a ceremony, that is to anoint their heads with oil. You can see that in the old testament, many priests are anointed and they are his Anointed Ones.

The third group of people concerns every prophet and leader that God is using.
Psalms 105:15 warns people not to harm God’s prophets.
Prophets include Moses, Ezekiel, Isaiah, Amos, Daniel, Jeremiah and also John the Baptist. They are all God’s Anointed Ones.

In addition, we see numerous leaders, for example Joseph, the seventy of elders of Moses, Miriam. Infact, Gideon and Joshua are also God’s Anointed Ones.

As a matter of fact, the teachings that involve “Anointed Ones” in the Bible is actually a very big and broad topic. This is to enable us to understand their life and how are they able to be anointed.
In their lives, what lessons must we understand and work them out.

Brothers and sisters,
Every member of Zion(錫安) who are willing to live together in harmony, in fact is also classified under “Anointed Ones”.
We must be knowledgeable of how to achieve these blessings in midst of God’s Anointed Ones and also how we can be able to attain God’s Blessings and rewards.

Psalms 105 :15
"Do not touch my anointed ones; do my prophets no harm."

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